We're a group of leading Cannabis business experts working together.


Our building division includes a network of cannabis-specific commercial general contractors operating in California who have built a reputation for excellence within the construction industry.


Initial Building/Site Evaluation
Local Planning Agency Entitlements
Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
Power Upgrade
Building Design
Permit Procurement

Our employees are seasoned professionals who have the background and expertise to successfully complete even the most complex and challenging commercial building projects from conception to the grand opening. We have the ability to take an empty plot of land, understand your vision, and construct a functioning cannabis business.

Likewise, we can also build an infill improvement project into an existing grow facility or improve a place of business, such a dispensary. We help our clients realize their commercial building projects.


Your business requires nothing less than subject matter experts to help you navigate the complex laws and regulations that govern the cannabis industry.


Discovery Assessment
Application Materials and Processes
Local and State Permits and Licenses
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Regulatory Compliance & Inspections
State License Disputes
Professional Negligence

Our entire legal team has an exceptional understanding of the laws and regulations specific to cannabis businesses to guide our clients towards success.


Our team knows accounting and tax compliance for cannabis businesses. We can answer all your questions, file your taxes accurately, and keep your accounting organized. We skillfully manage financial and tax obligations for cannabis growers, distributors, and partners in California.


Compliant Banking Solutions for Cannabis
New Business Formation
Cash Flow Management
Quickbooks Services
Tax Preparation & Planning
Payroll Services

We constantly monitor tax regulations for new legislation that impacts the cannabis industry to make sure your business stays tax compliant. With our assistance, you'll always know where you stand financially.

We also offer fully compliant banking solutions and payroll services.

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